Basketball Players Defend Handicapped Cheerleader Targeted by Bully, Turn Her Life Around [+video]

A student being bullied at a Lincoln Middle School basketball game caught the attention of the basketball players. They walked off the court to come to defend her.

This is where it all happened for Desiree Andrews. As she was being bullied from the stands, a few boys on the team said enough’s enough, and that’s where this bullying situation turned her life around.

Desiree Andrews no longer walks to class alone. Students have been drawn to her after a situation that could have taken away this pretty smile.

“The kids in the audience were picking on Dee, So we all stepped forward,” said Chase Vazquez, Lincoln Middle School basketball player.

Andrews has Down syndrome. These three boys were in the middle of a game when they heard something upsetting directed at one of their cheerleaders, a girl who dances to her own beat. (Read more from “Basketball Players Defend Handicapped Cheerleader Targeted by Bully” HERE)

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