Exclusive with Senator Jim DeMint: the Federal Government is Destroying the Family, Destabilizing the World [+video]

Senator Jim DeMint, the head of the Heritage Foundation, discussed on The Joe Miller Show a number of topics including his continued fight against the Establishment and crony-capitalists in Washington, D.C. He also voiced his discontent with both Parties and the federal government. Senator DeMint specifically took the feds to task for incentivizing the destruction of the family.

When asked about his experience at the Heritage Foundation over the last year, Senator DeMint stated that foreign leaders are much more frank with him now that he is not a part of the federal government. Importantly, many of them have reported that the loss in American power is severely destabilizing their respective nations.


From the Heritage Foundation:

DeMint is a principled conservative who worked closely with Heritage during his 14 years of service in Congress. He even credits Heritage with getting him first interested in politics when he was running a small business.

DeMint has spent most of his life as an entrepreneur, building and running his own research and marketing firm. He will bring this experience to Heritage as he seeks to strengthen and revive the conservative movement.

Since he resigned from the Senate in January, DeMint has served as Heritage’s president-elect. He is spending the transition period learning about Heritage’s four-decade history of policy innovation, meeting conservative leaders and Heritage members across the nation, and plotting the next steps in helping to lead the conservative movement.


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