4-StarAdmiral: Iran is at WAR with the US; Muslim Brotherhood has Penetrated EVERY National Security and Intelligence Agency

Admiral LyonsAdmiral James “Ace” Lyons, the former commander of the US Pacific Fleet, was on The Joe Miller Show several days ago, discussing a number of nationals security threats to the United States. He described Iran as “at war with the United States,” blamed the “terrorist nation” for 9/11, claims the Muslim Brotherhood has penetrated every national security and intelligence agency in the nation, and stated the Islamic problem in our country began prior to the Clinton administration. This is a must-watch video (audio and transcript below).

The interview began with Joe asking Admiral Lyons about the Iranian threat:

Admiral Lyons: Iran has been at war with the United States for over 35 years. They have cost the lives of thousands of American’s and your listeners should never forget that Iran provided the key military and training support to the 9/11 hijackers. Without that support, that 9/11 tragedy could never have happened and 3000 innocent American’s wouldn’t have lost their lives. Iran has been at the center of the world’s leading states of terrorism. They have an apocalyptic mindset that they believe a holy war, a catastrophic holy war, will bring back their leader. Their mentality is a 7th century mentality and it is an evil regime that cannot be trusted. We’ve seen this time and time again.

Joe Miller: Have you perceived that the people of Iran support the Ideology, the objectives, of the leadership of their country, or is there a divide?

Admiral Lyons: Well, unfortunately I’d like to say there’s a divide but recently, I think in 2013, there was a huge survey that said roughly 80% of the people support the implementation of Sharia Law, which is the draconian Sharia Law which goes back to the 7th century.

Joe Miller: It’s interesting that, in reminding us about Iran’s role in 9/11, that when you evaluate who actually carried out those attacks, they were primarily Sunni and yet Iran is primarily Shia, so it appears in certain circumstances, you can find unity of purpose between those two sides.

Admiral Lyons: Oh, absolutely Joe. When it becomes, whether it’s the little Satan in Israel or the great Satan in the United States, their sectarian issues are put aside and they join to go after whoever is the target at the time.

Joe Miller: We had a guest on our show last week that suggested that ISIS’s goal is, of course as many conventionally believe, to create this Islamic caliphate across the Middle East and beyond. And this guest suggested that the caliphate would be carried, the banner would be carried, by Turkey potentially. Do you think that Iran would consent to that?

Admiral Lyons: Iran certainly wouldn’t agree to that, they would feel they would be the leader of the caliphate and that’s part of sectarian issues. I do know with Iran . . . they’ve been at war with us for 35 years starting with their takeover of our embassy in Tehran in November 1979. We had an opportunity then to cut off Islamic fundamentalism at the knees, we were going to take Kharg Island and President Carter rejected it out of hand.

The next time they went ahead and we had countless murders, kidnappings and so on and in April 1983 we had our embassy in Beirut blown up. Sixty-three were killed including our key Middle East expert, Bob Ames, plus many other of our CIA operatives. That same year, October 23, 1983, a massive truck bomb exploded at our marine barracks in Beirut, killing 241 of our finest military personnel. I can tell you this, we had positive proof the orders for that bombing came out of Iran. I personally happened to have the planes loaded, we were ready to attack, we were going to wipe out the core group of the Hezbollah and . . . the one who sabotaged the strike was none other than our Secretary of Defense [Casper Weinberger].

And you might ask, some of you listeners may be wondering, “where did all of this come from?” Well, I can trace it back to the Muslim brotherhood and their penetration which has gone on for years, starting even before the Clinton administration, but it’s been greatly accelerated under the Obama administration where they’ve now been able to penetrate every single one of our national security agencies and intelligence agencies . . . I would consider them a de facto cabinet member.

. . .

You know, actually, your listeners should understand that there’s no difference between the Muslim brotherhood, Al-Qaida and the Islamic state. They all have the same objective, and that’s to take America down and replace our constitution with the draconian, 7th century Sharia Law. And the Muslim brotherhood creed, which has been verified by the FBI, is to destroy America from within by our own miserable hands, and to replace our constitution with Sharia Law. This has been verified by the FBI. This was exposed at the 2008 Holy Land Foundation trial in Dallas, TX, which was the largest terrorist funding trial in our history. The unindicted co-conspirators at that trial were the Muslim Brotherhood front groups and the Islamic society of North America and all these really should be taken down from the United States.

Joe Miller: Well in fact, many of these groups are intimately involved in the process of government in this country. We have seen, over the course of the past several months, a number of reports coming out about Muslim brotherhood agents that are influencing the Obama administration. I read an article that you posted on Breitbart several weeks ago that suggested though that this influence, that its genesis was not the Obama administration, it pre-dates the Obama administration. Could you trace out that influence on American government?

Admiral Lyons: Well they’ve been working on this for 34 years and certainly I can trace back to even under the Bush – it started every penetration in the Clinton years. In fact, Clinton’s Islamic advisor was a guy by Al-Amoudi. And Al-Amoudi, for your listener’s information, is a guy who personally chose the first 13 Muslim clerics to go into our military chaplain corp. Al-Amoudi happens to be serving 30 years in federal prison for terrorist financing. And as far as I know, we’ve never been able to vet those 13 original chaplains and in unconscionable what they’ve been able to do. In fact, some of the restricted rules of engagement, in my view, have their genesis coming out of the Muslim brotherhood; unnecessarily exposed our wonderful military personnel to these draconian restricted rules. In fact our enemy, the Taliban, knew the rules better than we did. If you saw an enemy implanting and IED and he was walking away, you couldn’t shoot him. This is nonsense.

Joe Miller: It’s amazing to me too, when I look back on my military service, Desert Storm – this is ’90-’91 in Saudi Arabia, when we were based over by Khobar Towers, there were a number, I don’t know what you’d call them, Muslim missionaries or evangelists that we were almost forcibly exposed to. Now I’m sure that Saudi Arabia had something to do with that, but there is no doubt that the hierarchy in the military knew what was going on, probably could have stopped it, but we suspected at the time there was probably something afoot, certainly looking at what’s happening since, I guess I wouldn’t put anything past them as to whether or not this has even a longer term than even say 20 years. They look at these types of conflicts in terms of not even decades, but centuries, right?

Admiral Lyons: Absolutely, and since you mentioned Khobar Towers, as you recall in ’96, we had a truck bomb go off outside Khobar Towers, killing 19 US Air force personnel and wounding almost 500, the ones who were behind that was Iran and that was proven in court. And also, I should tell you, Judge Daniels, in 2011 in NY district court found Iran guilty in the 9/11 terrorist attack.

Joe Miller: It amazes me, when you have all this proof and yet there’s not retaliation, and not only just in not retaliating, but now Obama, according to reports that have been leaked out from negotiations with Iran, is apparently consenting to a long term process by which Iran which actually have the capacity to produce nuclear weapons, if it’s not already there. He’s consented effectively to Iran having nuclear weapons. That can’t be more counter to American interests, can it?

Admiral Lyons: It’s mind boggling. Because let me just tell you, you know there was this school of thought by the Washington-Iranian lobby who keeps trying to promote the view that since we were able to deter the Soviets we can do the same thing with Iran. That’s pure hogwash. Even great scholars like Bernard Lewis have come to the reluctant conclusion that Iran cannot be deterred. And other scholars like Matthew Koneg in his recent book – and this is a scholar who worked in the office of the Secretary of Defense in 2011 and 2012 – have now come to the conclusion that the only way for us to prevent Iran from getting a nuclear weapon is for us to conduct a military strike. It’s all there.

And you know, you have to wonder, what is behind all of this? What is the administration perusing that seems to be so counter, not only to our own objectives, but to world stability? Here you would want to enter in to an agreement with the world’s leading sponsor of State terrorism? And behind thousands of American desks, it makes no sense. And of course I go back to when in 2008, when president Obama was still campaigning for how he was going to fundamentally change America and expose before he took the oath of office, he repeated that and you have to look at everything he does through the prism of the strategy that he wants to fundamentally change America. And I’ve gotta say, why would you embrace a group like the Muslim brotherhood with their creed which is to destroy us from within? That makes absolutely no sense. But you know, some people try to put off the administration as incompetent. They’re not incompetent at all. Their strategy, as regretfully as I must say, is anti-American, anti-Western, is pro-Iranian, pro-Islam and pro-Muslim brotherhood. And if you look through that prism of fundamentally changing America, I think it will become very clear. In the words of the former Mayor of NY, Giuliani, when he said he doesn’t believe president Obama loves America, you have to then say, “well, if he loved America, why would have to change it?”

Joe Miller: Exactly and there’s a Washington Times poll, not scientific, but I think it’s up to now 80% who say that, in fact, Obama doesn’t love America as reflected by his actions. I think 15,000 or so have voted in that poll. Anecdotal of course, but everybody who is paying attention to what this guy is doing has to make that conclusion. But the real question, Admiral Lyons is, why? Is it because of his background?

Admiral Lyons: Well, it’s his background. I mean, look. He has a Marxist background. He was brought up by Franklin Marshall Davis, indoctrinated, you know Axelrod, one of his key advisors, his parents were communist. Actually he was brought up with the view that many of the world problems would lead to America and therefore that anything that undercuts America’s influence and capabilities is seen as objectively progressive. And if you look at it, again, through the prism of “fundamentally changing America,” it should become very clear.

We’re doing this unilateral disarmament of our military, the social engineering that they forced on our military is unconscionable. Either we are going to wind up with the smallest army prior to WWII, and we’re winding up with the smallest navy, not since WWII, but prior to WWI. This is absolutely unconscionable. Our friends and allies throughout the world are totally confused and they are searching for leadership and it’s not coming from us. Look at Putin in the Ukraine. There is no question we should be provided defensive arms, legitimate defensive arms, to the Ukrainians so they make Putin pay a tremendous price for his aggression in the Ukraine. Instead, we’re providing nothing. And what Putin’s doing is the emasculation of nature. This all forms under that category.

Joe Miller: Right. It started with taking out or ending the agreement with Poland regarding the missiles, this president is just waving the white flag of surrender everywhere, I think you’re right, Anti-Americanism – that’s what motivates him.


Joe Miller: Admiral Lyons you had talked earlier about, during one of our breaks, that in your view our intelligence agencies have been compromised. Can you give our audience a little bit of an understanding from where you’re coming from on that?

Admiral Lyons: Well Joe, of course one of the key agencies is the CIA and I have to tell your audience that John Guandalo, who is a former marine and a former FBI agent, told me that the current director, John Brennan, had converted to Islam when he was the CIA station chief in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in the 1993-94 timeframe and that should be very disturbing from a number of aspects. When he was President Obama’s National Security Advisor on Terrorism, a letter from fifty-seven mostly Muslim Brotherhood that complained about the training we were giving our military personal on educating them on the real threat that was driving the enemy. And so what he did, he authorized that group to purge all our military training manuals that would be utilized to train our military personnel going overseas on the threat of Islamic terrorist. He not only did that, but they took out anything that did not portray Islam as a “religion of peace.”

Now you have to be brain dead to not understand that there’s a hundred and nine verses in the Quran which we would consider sanctioning aggressive action, violent action. And in fact in chapter 2 of verse 106, it says – it’s the section on abrogation – it says the more extreme verses take precedence over the less violent ones and that lays it all out. You know, when Jim Clapper, who was the director of our National Intelligence, he classified the Muslim Brotherhood as basically a secular organization. Now this is mind boggling to me when you know what their creed is, which is to destroy America from within. How could he make such a statement? Who are his advisors? And you have to look at who – it’s the Muslim brother hood who have many key positions, not only there, but in advising the Department of Homeland Security, certainly the National Security staff, and this goes back to the Director of National Intelligence, even before Clapper, declared that Iran had really given up its drive to achieve a nuclear weapon program. They had never given up anything. They’ve been increasing it all these years.

Joe Miller: Are these folks who are working in the Intelligence agencies, it’s more than just the appointees right? …

Admiral Lyons: They’ve been seating these people, putting them in as GS-14s, GS-12s so you know, they’re there. This is the same as the Muslim brother hood penetration. You have to look at it the same as the Communists did in the thirties, forties and fifties. It’s exactly the same.

Joe Miller: So how do you correct it?

Admiral Lyons: Well, the first thing you gotta do is you gotta have a different administration. You’ve gotta have an administration that puts America first and you have to believe in America’s exceptionalism and that we are a force for good in the world. This administration obviously doesn’t believe that.

Joe Miller: And even once you have that administration, given as deep-seated as some of these folks are in the intelligence agencies, it’s not going to be any small deal to get rid of them, is it?

Admiral Lyons: Well let’s put it this way, as I said earlier Joe, it hasn’t mattered whether it’s been a Democratic or Republican administration, we failed to take the action necessary action when challenged by Iran and in these other areas. So just a change in administration is not enough, I mean there has to be a significant education program. And we haven’t touched on it. Our borders must be secured.

This is unconscionable what’s been going on and the integration of the Muslims under the Obama administration that are pouring into this country must cease. Actually 80% of the mosques in this country preach sedition. They’re Imams and those mosques should be closed down. They should be expelled to the countries where they came from and we should stop building mosques just like Switzerland has stopped building them there and now some of the countries in Europe are starting to wake up to the threat that they’ve been so benign to.

Joe Miller: Well Admiral Lyons I really appreciate having you on the show, your insights, patriotism are second-to-none. I appreciate you sounding the alarm on these issues, this is not the time for compromise, we’ve got to be active if we want to save our country. Do everything you can to support Admiral Lyons and what he’s doing. Again, Sir, thank you for being on the show.

Admiral Lyons: Alright Joe, nice to be with you and your listeners.