You Won’t Believe Why a University Deactivated a Christian Group [+video]

crossCalifornia State University has deactivated an on-campus Christian group because the group has insisted on installing Christians as leaders.

The university system is no longer recognizing the Cal State Stanislaus chapter of Chi Alpha, a Christian student organization, because those leadership restrictions allegedly violate an executive order of non-discrimination.

Associate VP of Cal State Tim Lynch explained, “What they cannot be is faith-based where someone has to have a profession of faith to be that leader … Every club is allowed to establish its own standards for how leaders are selected as long as it’s non-discriminatory.”

The group released a statement asking, “How can we function as a Christian group without Christian leaders in our group? How can someone lead us if they don’t follow our mission?” (Read more from “You Won’t Believe Why a University Deactivated a Christian Group” HERE)

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