Funding Fight Against Obama’s Executive Amnesty 2.0 [+video]

Photo Credit: Eric Gay/AP

Photo Credit: Eric Gay/AP

We are now witnessing the predictable outcome of yet another GOP cave on Obama’s amnesty. With promises of ‘no illegal left behind’ in Obama’s inexorable pursuit of amnesty, yet another wave of illegal immigrants from Central America are teaming across the southern border.

According to the Washington Times, thanks to improving weather, the number of illegal aliens crossing the border from Central America has risen to the highest level since last summer. And despite claims to the contrary, not all of them are the next rocket scientists.

Border agents have arrested dangerous individuals, including sex offenders, gang members, and suspicious foreign nationals from the Middle East. With no effective border fence in place in most of the border sectors, how many more security threats have entered undetected?

But the situation is much worse than the porous border.

Without much media attention or backlash from congressional Republicans, Obama has just implemented another major executive amnesty program. Not satisfied with the number of Central American children crossing our border, Obama is now abusing our refugee program to categorically invite in thousands of children into our country on the taxpayer’s dime. With 75% of refugees on food stamps, we already have a systemically broken system. Now Obama is using the refugee program to ensconce his broader open borders/amnesty agenda. (Read more from “Funding Fight Against Obama’s Executive Amnesty 2.0” HERE)

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