Muslims Threw Christians Overboard During Med Voyage

african-migrants-italy-620x350Italy has become a destination of choice for many in Northern Africa, especially from Libya, fleeing violence. Italy is close, only a short boat ride across the usually calm Mediterranean Sea, and, as part of the European Union, is an access point to refugee status in any number of countries. So many illegals are crossing over that some have labeled it a crisis.

Sad to say, Italy’s migration crisis took a deadly turn as police in Sicily reported Muslim migrants threw 12 Christians overboard during a recent crossing from Libya, and an aid group said another 41 were feared drowned in a separate incident.

Palermo police said they had detained 15 people suspected in the high seas assault, which they learned of while interviewing tearful survivors from Nigeria and Ghana who had arrived only after being rescued at sea. The 15 were accused of multiple homicide aggravated by religious hatred, police said in a statement.

The survivors said they had boarded a rubber boat on the Libyan coast with 105 passengers aboard, part of the wave of migrants taking advantage of calm seas and warm weather to make the risky crossing from Libya, where most smuggling operations originate. During the crossing, the Christian migrants from Nigeria and Ghana were threatened with being abandoned at sea by other passengers from the Ivory Coast, Senegal, Mali and Guinea Bissau. The police statement said the motive was that the victims “professed the Christian faith while the aggressors were Muslim.” (Read more from “Muslims Threw Christians Overboard During Med Voyage” HERE)

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