Vote Today: Open-Carry Mayoral Candidate Explains Her Actions in Apprehending Sign Vandal [+video]

Amy Sign and GunOpen-carry mayoral candidate Amy Demboski addressed the massive vandalism against her signs across Anchorage on The Joe Miller Show Monday afternoon. She talked about single-handedly nabbing one sign vandal, who was first seen in this surveillance video.

Ms. Demboski, tired of the losses of about four thousand dollars of campaign signage, finally took matters into her own hands, staking out one sign location. Within twenty minutes, the would-be vandal arrived in the same car, and matching the same description of the individual seen in the earlier surveillance video.

As the man approached her sign with a box cutter, Amy had a friend call 911. She then confronted the vandal and recorded the interaction. You can see that video HERE.

This story about Ms. Demboski’s apprehension of the vandal has gone viral, not just due to the video she took of the incident, but also due to the fact that she was open-carrying. As she explained in the below podcast from yesterday, she didn’t draw her gun – or even put a hand on it – but her open carry was enough to keep the peace with the “very agitated” vandal.

Today (Tuesday) is election day in Anchorage. Ms. Demboski is the only true conservative in the top four contenders for the Anchorage mayor’s office. If you are an Anchorage voter, make sure you take the time to vote. The election will likely be decided by a thin margin of registered voters. Every vote will count.