Anchorage Mayoral Candidate Open Carries, Catches Sign Vandal [+videos]

On Friday evening, Anchorage mayoral candidate Amy Demboski encountered an apparent vandal preparing to destroy one of her 4×8 campaign signs.

What happened next may surprise you.

The 38 year-old Assemblywoman confronted the would-be perpetrator, despite the fact that he was obviously aggressive, and armed with a box cutter.

[Editor’s note: the first part of the video includes surveillance footage of the vandal. Watch until the end for pictures of the destroyed and defaced signs]

What the video may not show clearly is the reason why the vandal may have thought better of carrying out his plan.

Demboski was exercising her right to open carry. I bet the press didn’t tell you that.

Here’s the evidence, a photo taken by someone who witnessed Demboski talking with the police on site.

Amy Sign and Gun

Anchorage Police are investigating, and have apparently pressed charges.

Listen to why Joe Miller and other conservatives are supporting Amy Demboski for mayor:

UPDATE: There is some confusion as to whether mayoral candidate Amy Demboski actually drew her gun during the confrontation with the apparent sign vandal. During this interview today, Ms. Demboski confirmed that the gun remained holstered, and was never drawn or touched during the encounter.