Watch: Navy Destroyer Smashes Through 60 Foot Waves

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“Give me a fast ship, for I intend to go in Harm’s Way.”
John Paul Jones

The below video shows a US Navy ship encountering heavy seas while in transit. During my 10 years of sea duty, while serving in 6 Navy Destroyers and in one Navy Amphib, I encountered heavier seas in the North Atlantic than those recorded in the below listed video. My Navy ships transited the seven seas, circumnavigated the globe twice, crossed the equator 6 times, visited every continent, and made port calls in 38 countries.

“I’m so sick, will someone throw me overboard?”
Isaac Baker Merrimac

[Editor’s note: The author of this short piece, Captain Joseph John, was interviewed on Restoring Liberty recently. Listen to his extreme warning about the Obama Administration:]

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