What Truly Motivates Obama’s Love Affair with Iran?

HOUSEIn November 2013, Barack Obama agreed to lift sanctions on Iran as part of an interim agreement with the largest terror-supporting state in return for curtailing their nuclear weapons program and agreeing to negotiate a permanent deal.

The negotiations have been extended twice over the past year, allowing Iran to reap as much as $700 million in unfrozen assets per month.

The entire premise of these negotiations were immoral as the Islamic terror state was given a gratuitous bailout at the very moment they stepped up their support for Hezbollah on Israel’s border and began taking over other parts of the Middle East. Yet, faux pro-Israel Democrats said they just wanted to allow the negotiations to run its course before they agree to re-impose sanctions. Well, that deadline has come and there are no more excuses. Now, the Administration is calling for another extension.

When Congress reconvenes in two weeks, Democrats will face the following test: are they weaker in combating Iranian terror than the France’s governing socialist party? Republicans will confront the question of whether they are willing to hold Democrats’ feet to the fire on something as critical as national security.

Which brings us to the broader question: what is motivating Obama and his party to engage in a breathtaking embrace of Iran and alienation of Israel – to the point that an Iranian defector recently said the American negotiation team is essentially there to “speak on Iran’s behalf.”

Let’s zoom out and take a broader look at what this Administration has done over the past year in the Middle East:

• The Administration has essentially ceded Yemen to Iran’s Shiite proxy, almost risking another Benghazi in the haste to evacuate American personnel.

• They are using our Air Force to bail out Iran from a humiliating defeat against ISIS in Tikrit, even though the Iranian-backed Shiite militias are engaging in the same atrocities and ethnic cleansing as ISIS.

• They are turning a blind eye to Iran’s massive buildup of troops near Israel’s Golan border and arming of Hezbollah with guided warheads.

• They expunged any mention of Iran and Hezbollah in the annual assessment of terror threats.

• They have gone out of their way to not to offend Iran and to pander to all of their sensibilities, despite their chants of “Death to America.”

• At the same time, Obama has declared a cold war on Israel by leaking details of their nuclear program and threatening to leave them hanging at the UN.

• He has also openly opposed the new Egyptian government, led by a pro-American leader who is fighting ISIS and other terror groups and is cooperating with Israel.

• Last summer, Obama imposed a de facto arms and travel embargo on Israel to stop them from dismantling Hamas, even though Israel was being cheered on by Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE.

Taken as a whole, this goes well beyond credulous appeasement. When you are outraging the Europeans and other Arab countries over your backwards treatment of Iran and Israel, there is clearly a more sinister motivation.

Putting the pieces together, there is only one sensible explanation for Obama’s historically immoral realignment of American foreign policy. It’s all about the creation of an Arab (so-called Palestinian) state in the heart of Israel.

If socialized medicine is the crown jewel of liberal socialism for domestic policy, the creation of an Arab Palestinian state – at any cost – has always been the raison d’etre of liberal foreign policy-makers in America and Europe. It has been the ultimate goal of all globalist elites since the failed Oslo Accords. The “two-state solution” has consistently been promoted as the consummate solution to all foreign policy problems in the world, much like some American politicians promote “comprehensive immigration reform” as the fix-all for domestic problems.

Frustrated by 20 years of the failed pursuit of this goal, as a result of endless terror on the part of the Palestinian Arabs, Obama has decided that he will use the terrorism of Iran’s proxies as the weapon, not the obstacle, to the creation of the Palestinian state. He figures that by pretending to solve the issue of Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons, in conjunction with strengthening Hezbollah and isolating Israel, he can force the creation of the new state with brute force.

Republicans must step in and stop Obama’s dangerous double game before he does irreparable damage. The House should immediately pass sanctions on Iran and defund any effort on the part of the State Department to push a Palestinian state at the UN.

As for the so-called pro-Israel Democrats, there is no longer anyway to straddle the fence between Obama and our national security and support for Israel. It’s time for them to internalize the words of Elijah in Kings 18:21 “Until when are you hopping between two ideas? If the Lord is God, go after Him, and if the Baal, go after him.” (See, “What Truly Motivates Obama’s Love Affair with Iran?” originally posted HERE)

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