Celebrations Begin in Baltimore as Some React to Officers’ Charges [+video]

celebrationsBy CBS Baltimore. Cheers erupted as City State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby announced that charges were being filed against the six officers involved in the apprehension, arrest and death of Freddie Gray. That feeling of elation reverberated through the streets of Baltimore, and especially the Penn-North neighborhood that was the scene of Monday’s riots, as residents applauded the decision to indict.

The scene of Pennsylvania and North avenues was much different than it was Monday, with crowds gathering in joy as opposed to disgust. There was jubilation at almost all four corners of the street, and at times some of the celebrants have taken over the eastbound roads of North Avenue.

People could be seen giving each other high-fives and hugging, while others simply lined the sidewalks to take in the chorus of car horns that blared repeatedly.

One Baltimore resident named Joe was overcome with his elation as he told WJZ’s Mike Schuh why he came to the intersection at North and Pennsylvania Avenue to celebrate.

“The city is phenomenal right now. Right now, it’s like Baltimore, thank you for listening, thank you for everyone constantly protesting for the betterment of the good. Everyone that’s being negative needs to stop being negative, it’s so simple as smiling at a baby, to let go of the nonsense,” he said. “It’s awesome, it’s super great.” (Read more from “Celebrations Begin in Baltimore as Some React to Officers’ Charges” HERE)


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