Do You Have Any Complaints About Ads on Restoring Liberty?

Photo Credit: Katy Miller

Photo Credit: Katy Miller

From time to time, we receive reports that readers have seen inappropriate ads on Restoring Liberty. This past week was no exception. Yes, we can block any problem ads but we need your help to do it! Here’s how you can help in just two simple steps.

But first, some background on advertising. We use ads that are served primarily by Google. Google returns revenue to Restoring Liberty for how many “clicks” readers make on those ads and that – along with your generous donations – help us make ends meet.

Google uses a number of inputs in determining what ads to place on the page you are viewing including your geographic region, search history, browsing history, and story content. Sometimes, the placement is just totally random.

Since the inception of Restoring Liberty, we have blocked literally hundreds of inappropriate sites based our volunteers’ feedback. But we’ve discovered that many readers are completely unaware that we can actually prevent certain ads from showing on the pages you view.

Here are the two simple steps to help us block bad ads: First, to provide us with the necessary information to block an ad, you need to copy that ad’s website address (the URL). Second, please then paste that website address (URL) in an email and send it to us at [email protected]

It would be helpful if you could make the subject line for your email, “Bad Ad”.

In response to your email, you will receive an automated message confirming our receipt of your message. As we rely on volunteers to respond to these messages, the blocking will not occur immediately. Typically, it’s a one or two day turnaround, but the block of the offensive site is then permanent.

Thank you for your continued readership and support! And thank you for helping us clean up the advertising space on Restoring Liberty!