Education Expert: Government Schools Warring on Christianity, Deliberately Dumbing Down Students

Photo Credit: NewscomGovernment schools are warring on Christianity and real education, warns an education expert and one of America’s most influential Christian authors.

Pastor Carl Gallups and educator and author Alex Newman charge there is a deliberate and unified agenda to dumb down U.S. school children and remove Christianity from schools and public life. And both of them place most of the blame at the feet of John Dewey, the godfather of America’s progressive education system. . .

“It is absolutely clear at this point that the militant secular agenda and the Big Government agenda are actually one and the same,” [Newman stated]. “Real Christians have no need for big government. They generally have strong family, work ethic, community, and so on, in addition to high moral standards that should preclude bad behavior.”

Newman added, “But those promoting big government’s so-called solutions understand that a moral people with supreme allegiance to God are infinitely harder to oppress and control with government. Plus, the utopians pushing socialism and secularism know that as long as Americans are loyal to God above everything else, government will never be able to occupy that coveted place in people’s hearts, minds and souls.”

[Gallups also noted,] “We’ve raised up generations of these children who believe they are nothing but souped-up gorillas who think life is an accident, who can’t read well, who don’t possess deductive reasoning, and who can’t think critically. There is a massive, deliberate dumbing down because our public education system was built with the agenda of creating worker bees, not citizens,” he said. . .

“It is going to get a lot worse if Americans do not rise up and put a stop to this lunacy. As long as there exist well-educated, critical thinkers who were raised outside of the indoctrination system, there will always be that little boy to point out that the emperor actually has no clothes. This is why we are seeing the accelerating assault on educational freedom.” (Read more about government schools warring on Christianity HERE)