Maryland Lawmaker Suggests Suspending Food Stamps for Parents of Rioting Youth in Baltimore [+video]

patrickmcdonough_featuredRepublican state Del. Patrick McDonough of Maryland recently suggested that the parents of Baltimore youth involved in riots and looting should lose their food stamps.

McDonough was the guest-host of a radio program on Wednesday when he took a call from a listener who brought up the idea of taking away “benefits” such as “welfare” from the parents, noted The Intercept.

McDonough told the caller in part, “That’s an idea and that could be legislation. I think if you could make the case that there is a failure to do proper parenting and allowing this stuff to happen, is there an opportunity for a month to take away your food stamps?”

McDonough added that such a proposal would not likely pass the legislature “because it seems a little bit harsh,” but added that there should be a way to “connect to the lack of parenting.”

Later on the show, McDonough expressed his desire for a study of the “thug nation” of “young people” who are “violent, they’re brutal, their mindset is dysfunctional to the point of being dangerous.” (Read more from “Maryland Lawmaker Suggests Suspending Food Stamps for Parents of Baltimore Youth” HERE)

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