Muslim Congressman Doesn’t Let Baltimore Crisis Go to Waste, Uses it to Advance Marxist Agenda

220px-KeithellisonIn the “after glow” of the riots in Baltimore, Minnesota Democrat and Muslim Rep. Keith Ellison seized on the anarchy to spew his Communist/Socialist rhetoric. Appearing on CNN Thursday, Ellison claimed that the poor are getting poorer because the rich are getting richer. It was the typical “never let a crisis go to waste” appearance.

Ellison issued this response to the CNN anchor’s question, “How do you explain what is going on in Baltimore this week?”

“Well, of course, excessive police officers and staggering unemployment go together, because what we’ve done in the United States, as we’ve said, that the affluent part of our society is going to demand more tax breaks, more wealth, more privilege, leaving less for the less fortunate, and the way we keep the less fortunate in control is through policing and prisons. That’s the unfortunate formula we constructed.”

Ellison needs to take a long hard look at Congress when making these statements. These “affluent” jackboots have been insider trading for years, increasing their own wealth while some have skirted paying “their fair share” of income tax. Congress has tremendous “privilege” that is not afforded the average citizen – impunity for wrong-doing – and has pushed for “zero tolerance” on so many issues that elementary school children are criminalized for eating pop-tarts into the shape of a handgun, leaving a classroom unexcused, and playing pranks on teachers.

Here’s another member of Congress who has no idea about the prison system; but, thinks that only the poor, less fortunate of society are housed behind a razor wire fence. There are plenty of inmates from middle-class backgrounds that have been incarcerated, along with some that have committed white collar crimes; but, Ellison’s comments are more code for “blacks” without saying it. Ellison ignores the militarization of law enforcement agencies across the country which results in all US citizens being treated in an aggressive manner by police, as it does not go along with the lie. (Read more from “Muslim Congressman Doesn’t Let Baltimore Crisis Go to Waste, Advances Marxist Agenda” HERE)

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