Strong Push to Yank Biased Judge From Sheriff Joe Case

Photo Credit: WND

Photo Credit: WND

A federal judge is being asked to remove himself from a racial-profiling case against Sheriff Joe Arpaio because of “unethical misconduct and a conflict of interest” after the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals on Tuesday refused to take the extraordinary step of intervening and ordering his removal.

The appellate judges had been asked by a whistleblower, Dennis Montgomery, who was drawn into the case to step in and remove the “runaway jurist.”

But the case was returned to Judge G. Murray Snow’s court, where he is facing accusations that his wife blurted out in his own courtroom his intention to bring down Arpaio.

The filing with the federal appeals court cited the refusal of the judge to remove himself from the case, which alleges the Arizona sheriff’s office racially profiles Latinos. . .

The emergency petition filed with the 9th Circuit asked that Snow be disqualified “for alleged egregious and continuing ethical violations and extra-judicial bias and prejudice in the ongoing contempt proceedings.”

According to a statement released with the motion, “Judge Snow has unethically turned the case into a personal vindictive ‘witch-hunt’ to allegedly cover up his wife’s statements quoting the judge as intending to harm Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s chances for reelection in 2016 as sheriff of Maricopa County through the contempt proceedings which Judge Snow has been holding.” (Read more from “Strong Push to Yank Judge From Sheriff Joe Case” HERE)

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