Bobby Jindal to Attend Massive Prayer Rally for a ‘Nation in Crisis’ [+video]

A Christian group called American Renewal Project will host a major prayer meeting this Saturday at the North Charleston Coliseum to “pray and fast for America.” The six-hour event, which is being billed as “The Response SC,” will feature South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley and Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal as two of the day’s speakers.

A press release for the event states that the biblical response to a nation in crisis is “to gather in humility and repentance and ask God to intervene.” It describes the meeting as “a historic gathering of people from across the nation to pray and fast for America” that hopes to draw some 10,000 people to “worship God, seek repentance and pray for reconciliation, reformation and revival.”

The encounter, which will be live-streamed by Breitbart News, is being billed as an inter-faith meeting to pray “for those in need, for life, for strong families and just laws.”

Though some have suggested that Jindal will be using the occasion for “stumping,” organizers have insisted on the strictly spiritual nature of the meeting. Doug Stringer, a Houston minister who is helping to organize The Response SC, said the event will include music from three worship teams, but “no egos and no logos.”

Similarly, David Lane, president and founder of the American Renewal Project, said the meeting would focus on fasting and prayer to Jesus and would be non-commercial and non-political. (Read more from “Bobby Jindal to Attend Massive Prayer Rally for a ‘Nation in Crisis'” HERE)

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