Watch Gov. Bobby Jindal’s Shocking Statement About Muslims

By David Brody. Hey John McCain: Move over. You have a “straight talk” partner. His name is Gov. Bobby Jindal. Watch below.

This is what he said today in London, England, about Islamic terrorists who think they’re going to heaven.

Gov. Bobby Jindal: Muslim leaders must make clear that these individuals are not going to enjoy the afterlife, they’re not going to be martyrs but rather they’re going to hell.

There’s not enough left to be said other than, “Preach it, brother!” (Read more about Bobby Jindal’s statement about Muslims HERE)


Muslim Population Growing in America

By Carol Brown. Even when Muslims are a minority population they can and do transform whole cultures and societies. And not for the better.

Why? Because their holy book is a totalitarian ideology founded on submission and world domination. And toward that end, Islam is on the march. Meanwhile, the West remains mired in cowardice and complicity. Nowhere can this be seen more clearly than in Europe, which is on the fast track to join the Caliphate.

Not to be outdone by Europe’s madness, the United States is traveling down the same bloody path, importing large numbers of Muslims from Islamic countries thanks to the Islamophile sitting in the Oval Office and a nation full of dhimmis.

Estimates on the number of Muslims living in the US vary, ranging from 3 million to 7 million. Whatever the precise number, it’s already outdated as it rises with each passing nanosecond. (Read more from this story HERE)

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