An Immigration Solution that Puts Americans First

Speaking before a crowd of newly-arrived immigrants on October 16, 1924, President Calvin Coolidge declared, “as a nation, our first duty must be those who are already our inhabitants, whether native or immigrants.”

This principle of “Americans first” was a bedrock value shared by both political parties until this past generation. While there were always sharp disagreements on domestic policies concerning Americans, everyone understood that Americans should be the first priority of any policy decision. Now we have a president and entire class of ruling elite – from the politicians and the media to the non-government agencies, to the corporate chiefs and the courts – who not only place the priorities of those already here last, they jeopardize their security and fiscal stability in order to appease a growing population of illegal immigrants.

Rather than acquiring inspiration from the testimonies of those families who lost loved-ones at the hands of illegal aliens – like that of Laura Wilkerson’s – this president and his servile friends in the media completely ignored them. Then, the very next day, he announced a new amnesty, by expanding an already abused waiver program exempting broad categories of inadmissible aliens from deportation, which will likely lead to eventual green cards for millions of illegals. On the very same day, it was revealed that Obama’s Director of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services will allow new immigrants becoming citizens to omit the portion of the Oath of Allegiance affirming their commitment to bear arms in defense of this nation, even for “non-combat service.”

The priorities of our ruling class have never been more inverted and downright hostile to the values of America.

It’s time for supporters of sovereignty, rule of law, and putting Americans first to come out of the shadows and demand true “comprehensive immigration reform,” – one that reflects the values and needs of their constituents. It’s time to seize the moment when people are finally attentive to this issue and demand that the politicians move beyond the hollow platitudes about the need to secure the border when pressured to address the issue. It means committing to the specific common sense solutions that have been proven effective time and again.

For anyone who truly cares about Americans, they would start by pushing the items from the following list:

Defund DAPA and DACA, Finish the Fence, Implement Entry-Exit System

Immediately defund both DAPA and DACA amnesty programs (the latter was not enjoined by the courts) in this year’s budget bill, including work permits, Social Security cards, and refundable tax credits

Build the 700-mile double-layered fence of which only 36 miles have been completed. This type of fence worked in San Diego, Yuma, and Israel and it is the only asset that cannot be manipulated and disarmed by a contemptuous administration.

Finally implement the biometric entry-exit system at all sea, land, and air ports

Strong Interior Enforcement

Immediately restore and expand the 287(g) state-federal training program for law enforcement

Immediately restore the Secure Communities program for state and local law enforcement to share information with ICE

Cut off all DOJ grants and highway funds to sanctuary cities

Explicitly deputize states to enforce federal law and enable them to cut off state benefits to illegal aliens

Cut off Benefits and Magnets

End birthright citizenship and birth tourism by clarifying the authentic meaning of the 14th Amendment. Harry Reid declared in 1993 that “no sane country” would offer such an enticement and reward for illegal immigration.

Close the loophole that allows illegal aliens to receive refundable child tax credits

Cut off all taxpayer funds to NGOs such as La Raza and Casa de Maryland that promote illegal immigration

Implement E-verify

Hold Foreign Governments Accountable

Cut off visas to those countries that refuse to repatriate their illegal aliens, as mandated by existing law

Cut off foreign aid to countries that fail to take steps to respect our sovereignty

Judicial Reform

Strip courts of ability to strike down federal and state enforcement laws. All of the enforcement efforts will be moot if unelected judges continue to confer rights and privileges on illegal immigrants.

Criminalize Overstaying of Visas

With more illegal immigrants coming from visa-overstays, it’s important to make such an act a felony instead of a misdemeanor.

Zero Tolerance for Re-entrants

Bar all those who re-enter the U.S. illegally from ever obtaining legal entry for the rest of their lives and/ or require mandatory minimum prison time

Fix Loopholes in Refugee, Asylum and Parole System

Fix the asylum loophole that has been exploited to grant legal status to entire categories of individuals from impoverished countries, even though they don’t have a “credible fear” of ethnic or religious persecution

Fix the loophole that has allowed Obama to abuse the parole and temporary protective status for carte blanche amnesty

End the UN’s authority to direct refugees to this country. This will enable us to weed out our security risks

(Published with permission from the author, “Cruz Shuts Down CODEPINK Outside White House”, originally appeared HERE)

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