Measure Introduced to Compel Anchorage Christians to Violate Conscience, Serve, Hire, Work for Cross-Dressers, Homosexuals

anchorage_rainbowAnchorage Assemblyman Bill Evans has introduced a measure to force Christian landlords, business owners and others with religious objections to homosexuality and/or other sexual disorders, to violate conscience in their business practices.

Evans, who somehow won the endorsement of the Alaska Family Council’s political arm (Alaska Family Action) in his last election, issued the following press release:

On Thursday, Anchorage Assemblyman Bill Evans filed with the Anchorage Municipal Clerk’s Office a new ordinance that would add sexual orientation and gender identity to the list of protected categories under the Municipality’s equal rights law.

The goal of the ordinance, according to Evans, is to provide a balanced approach that respects the rights of everyone affected by this

“The ability of every person in society to be judged based upon their skill, accomplishments, and talents, and not because of some immutable characteristics, is a result we should encourage. At a time when we need more citizens to be productive income generators, we cannot tolerate impediments to employment that are not based on actual performance,” stated Evans, a longtime employment attorney and former two-time Chairman of the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce.

Evans claims that religious liberty is protected by an exemption he drafted but his proposed language is exceptionally narrow and would fail to protect that vast majority of traditional Christians who have strong religious convictions about homosexuality and gender identity issues.

Upon hearing about Evans’ proposal, one Anchorage conservative activist bluntly emailed, “War has begun.”

Activists are rightly concerned, given Mayor Berkowitz’s unequivocal support for “anything goes” sexuality. That support, along with the liberal votes on the Anchorage Assembly, almost ensure passage of Evan’s measure.

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