Air Force Pilot Brutally Attacked for Having This Flag on Motorcycle

olympia-hate-crime[Last week], masked men rioted in front of City Hall in Olympia, Washington. The they blocked traffic and smashed the windows of city hall.

The violence culminated in a brutal mob attack on a biker, who also happens to be a US Air Force pilot. The man was apparently targeted because he had a Confederate flag on his motorcycle.

The victim was hit in the shoulder with a baseball bat, sprayed with mace, and hit with other weapons. The mob tried to push him off his motorcycle, but he miraculously got away. Surveillance video of the mob shows people throwing projectiles and wielding clubs.

Olympia’s FOX affiliate comically described the events as “a peaceful protest turned violent.” They is no indication that any attempt was ever made to have a “peaceful” protest. The rioters arrived with baseball bats, golf clubs, and bottles full of red paint. They all wore masks and matching black clothes, which is designed to make it harder for police to prove which perpetrators committed which crimes. (Read more from “Air Force Pilot Brutally Attacked for Having This Flag on Motorcycle” HERE)

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