How Jeb Bush Would’ve Saved $3M With His Own Tax Plan

102986166-IMG_5393r.530x298All kinds of people will have lower taxes if Jeb Bush gets his way with the tax code—especially those who earn the sort of money the candidate himself has.

In fact, a Big Crunch analysis of the most recent six years of Bush’s tax returns available suggest he would have saved more than $3 million, had his proposals had been enacted at the time.

In 2013 alone, the most recent year available, Bush would have saved nearly $800,000 of the nearly $3 million he paid the federal government in taxes. Most of that would have come from wages and business, which account for 91 percent of his total taxable income.

In June, Bush released 33 years of tax returns—more than any other major presidential candidate in history. The returns show his business growth as a real estate player in Florida, the drop in income when he took office as governor, and sky-rocketing income as a consultant and speaker in the years since leaving office.

“On the top end you have businesses that allow you to take a lot of expense deductions that the lower end doesn’t have,” said Timothy Gagnon, faculty director for the MST and MSA online programs at Northeastern University. “If I’m an average guy and I buy the Boston Globe, I just pay for it, but if I need the Boston Globe to keep up with business affairs, I get to deduct it.” (Read more from “How Jeb Bush Would’ve Saved $3M With His Own Tax Plan” HERE)

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