LGBT Activists Blast Rentboy Raid as ‘Digital Stonewall’

Demonstrators hold signs as they protest the arrests of male escort service staffers outside United States Court in the Brooklyn borough of New YorkBranding the raid a “digital Stonewall,” roughly 70 LGBT activists blasted Brooklyn federal prosecutors Thursday for busting up popular online escort site last week.

Holding signs and chanting, the raucous group gathered in front of the Brooklyn federal courthouse to demand that all charges against employees at the multimillion-dollar enterprise be dropped immediately.

The activists — including current sex workers who advertised their services on the site — argued that the feds should not be allocating resources to policing consensual sex.

Shouting “Bl–jobs, not no jobs” and “Sex work is real work,” the protesters suggested that the operation was aimed at gays and transgender sex workers.

Several attendees cited graphic sexual descriptions in the complaint against the staffers as peculiarly prurient and unnecessary. (Read more from “LGBT Activists Blast Rentboy Raid as ‘Digital Stonewall'” HERE)

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