Diver Breaks up Mortal Combat Between Deadly Sea Snake, Stonefish

7d1a5abee75541b91b6b0c3620d2ecb0If an average person happened upon the world’s most poisonous snake and the world’s most poisonous fish engaged in battle, stepping between them would probably be the last idea to come to mind. Leaving the area and trying to find a change of underpants would be more likely.

But for experienced diver and fisherman Rick Trippe of Darwin, Australia, breaking up such a deadly struggle of nature didn’t even require a second thought.

The Australian realtor with a passion for being on the water found a sea snake and stonefish fighting each other during a Thursday trip in Darwin Harbor. He separated them with his own two hands and set them both free. The photos he posted of the encounter on his Facebook page quickly went viral, netting him emails from around the globe that probably contain phrases like “Are you insane?!?”

Trippe told CNET’s Crave blog that he and a friend had just “up-anchored from an old World War II wreck and were feeling pretty chuffed” about the fish they caught when he first noticed the sea snake.

“We were going to our next wreck when we saw something in the middle of the harbor but couldn’t make out what it says,” Trippe said. “So with curiosity, we motored over to find a massive sea snake. It was close to 2 meters (6.5 feet) long and thick. As we approached the sea snake, we saw that it had a stonefish in its mouth.” (Read more from “Diver Breaks up Mortal Combat Between Deadly Sea Snake, Stonefish” HERE)

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