Trump Backs Gun Rights in Second Policy Paper

trumpdonald09152015gettyGOP presidential candidate Donald Trump released a policy outline on Friday detailing his defense of the Second Amendment and firearms ownership.

He also highlighted his possession of a concealed carry permit and firearms that he said were for personal defense.

“The Second Amendment to our constitution is clear,” the Republican front-runner writes in the gun rights platform published online. “The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed upon — period.”

It’s the second policy statement provided by Trump, a political newcomer who has dominated the GOP race over the last month but come under increased scrutiny for his policy knowledge.

Trump appeared to confuse the Kurds with Quds, a special forces unit with Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, in a recent interview. During Wednesday night’s debate, he acknowledged he needed to learn more about foreign policy, indicating he would do so by the time he was elected. (Read more from “Trump Backs Gun Rights in Second Policy Paper” HERE)

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