Senate Panel OKs Concealed Guns in ‘Gun-Free’ Zones in This State

Individuals with special permits would be allowed to bring concealed firearms inside schools and other “gun-free” areas under legislation advanced Tuesday by a Senate committee.

The bills, approved 4-1 along party lines by the Republican-led Senate Judiciary Committee, would let people apply for an exemption to carry their concealed weapon into areas that are currently off limits, including schools, child care centers, sports arenas, large concert halls, bars, places of worship, hospitals, dorms and college classrooms. It would also prohibit people from openly carrying guns in those areas, which permit holders are currently allowed to do under Michigan law . . .

At a crowded hearing, supporters of the legislation said it would allow more people to responsibly carry guns and help prevent mass shootings, contending that shooters target “gun-free” areas where they know victims are not armed. They also argued it would address a loophole that has led to the court fights. (Read more from “Senate Panel OKs Concealed Guns in ‘Gun-Free’ Zones in This State” HERE)

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