X-Rated Audio Shocks Customers at Target Store

Shoppers at a Target store in San Jose stopped in their tracks Wednesday morning when a sexually explicit recording began blaring over the store’s public address system.

Chris Minor, who was shopping at the Westgate Mall store, said the material was X-rated and had profanities. Minor recorded the incident, along with the reactions of fellow shoppers, on his cell phone. Customers, which included mothers with babies, were stunned . . .

“I felt violated, and my body said wait a minute, this ain’t right. So I was uneasy,” he said. “I thought it may have been Halloween related, maybe an employee playing games, but this was rated-X material, which made me feel very uncomfortable. I was taken aback, very frustrated, and appalled, and angered by what I heard,” Minor told KPIX 5.

Minor said the store apologized over the PA system, and then the explicit recording started again. (Read more from “X-Rated Audio Shocks Customers at Target Store” HERE)

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