The Band of Brothers Who Voluntarily Patrol the US-Mexico Border

Dressed in camouflage gear and wielding heavy machine guns, these men look like they are off to war.

But while the pictures appear to show this band of brothers patrolling a conflict zone, they are actually guarding the border between the US and Mexico.

The ‘watchmen’ of The Arizona Border Recon – led by the group’s chief ‘Nailer’ – protect the border near the Mexican town of Nogales, with three goals; stop illegal immigration, stop drug smuggling, and stop human trafficking . . .

They look like soldiers – and some of them are veterans – but many are or were private security experts, Mr Milano told Feature Shoot . . .

Mr Milano said: ‘To them this is most certainly an invasion. In some respects I believe the US/Mexico border is the nearest domestic geographic place where many of the vets can compare to their tours in Afghanistan or Iraq, or elsewhere, so in some way it is the easiest way to get back into “protecting the country” from what they believe is the most imminent threat and performing their civic duty.’ (Read more from “The Band of Brothers Who Voluntarily Patrol the US-Mexico Border” HERE)

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