Watch: Trump Just Revealed Who the Real Enemy Is, and It’s Not Who You’d Expect

By Randy DeSoto. Who the real enemy Donald Trump and his fellow candidates face came into clear focus during Wednesday night’s debate in Colorado, and it is not Hillary Clinton or each other, it is the main stream media.

Sean Hannity had Trump as a guest on his program following the debate and observed that the real loser of the event was the media. He said the debate revealed just “how bad” the media is towards Republicans. He gave the example of CNBC moderator John Harwood, who called Trump’s campaign “comic book” in his first question to the candidate . . .

As reported by Western Journalism, Sen. Ted Cruz later came to Trump’s defense, as well as other candidates on the stage. Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee also refused to take Harwood’s bait, when invited to denigrate Trump’s character. “He is a good man. I’m wearing a Trump tie tonight, get over that one,” the candidate said.

Hannity asked Trump what he thought of how other candidates came to his defense in the antagonistic environment CNBC sought to foster. (Watch at 5:00 in the featured video)

“I thought it was a great. There was a certain camaraderie up there tonight, not only with respect to me but with respect to everybody. It was very beautiful to watch,” Trump said. (Read more from “Trump Just Revealed Who the Real Enemy Is, and It’s Not Who You’d Expect” HERE)


As Challengers Close in, a Different Donald Trump Is Revealed

By Jenna Johnson and Robert Costa. A new Donald Trump showed up here this week.

Gone were the withering attacks on his Republican rivals, the obsessive discussion of his poll numbers and another spate of bombshell remarks.

Trump instead focused on more fully introducing himself to voters at an hour-long rally here, underscoring a subtle maturation for a presidential candidate trying to move the spotlight away from his booming reality-TV personality.

This shift comes as Trump fights to maintain his position as the untouchable front-runner and the national favorite of conservatives. After months of dominating the field, other candidates now pose a threat, especially retired surgeon Ben Carson, a fellow non-politician who is leading in Iowa.

In front of a crowd of several thousand people at the Nugget Casino here, Trump took a handful of questions from the audience, but none from reporters as he once regularly did. He touted his instincts, leadership style and negotiating skills. And he pitched himself as someone who thinks like them but has the power and acumen to enact their dreams. (Read more from this story HERE)

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