Dad Arrested for Protesting Graphic-Sex Book Loses Case

A federal judge dismissed a lawsuit brought by a parent who contended he was wrongfully arrested at a school board meeting where he was protesting a class assignment given to his ninth-grade daughter to read a book containing graphic descriptions of “rough sex” between teens.

As WND reported, William Baer was arrested and handcuffed May 5, 2014, at the meeting in Gilford, New Hampshire, where he and other parents were confronting school board members about the assignment to the ninth-grade English honors class, arguing they had not been given prior notice.

Baer was admonished repeatedly by a board member that he had violated a “two-minute rule” the school board had imposed on parents attending the meeting regarding the book “Nineteen Minutes.” Baer spoke beyond the time limit and sat down but then exchanged words with a parent who approved of the book.

In a summary judgment Tuesday, U.S. District Judge Joseph A. DiClerico, Jr., dismissed Baer’s suit seeking damages for wrongful arrest against Gilford, New Hampshire, police officer, Lt. James Leach, ruling Leach had probable cause to arrest Baer for disorderly conduct.

“The government school wrongly gave inappropriately graphic material to my 14-year-old daughter without providing required notice,” Baer said in an email to WND. (Read more from “Dad Arrested for Protesting Graphic-Sex Book Loses Case” HERE)

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