C.J. Pearson Endorses Bernie Sanders

C.J. Pearson, the 13-year-old black conservative who became a viral sensation earlier this year after denouncing President Obama on YouTube, has changed his mind about who he’s supporting this presidential election season.

C.J., the former chairman of Teens for Ted Cruz who recently renounced the conservative movement, said Wednesday that he is now endorsing Democratic candidate Sen. Bernard Sanders, CNN reported.

“This election will make a pivotal difference in the future of our nation. If it takes changing your mind to make the right choice as to who should lead our country, I am willing to do it. Screw the optics,” he said. “People are struggling in America. We need the right man in the White House. And in my opinion, that man is Senator Bernie Sanders.”

C.J. said he left the conservative movement due to its “lack of concern over racial discrimination in this country.” (Read more from “C.J. Pearson Endorses Bernie Sanders” HERE)

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