Lisa Murkowski: Planned Parenthood’s Poster Child

Last night the news broke that the US House AND Senate had voted to defund Planned Parenthood. This came as part of the Reconciliation Act and really only defers *some* funding to Planned Parenthood for one year (it leaves funding in place to kill rape conceived babies), redirecting those funds to legitimate health-care organizations. That is if, by some miracle, President Obama doesn’t use his veto power to override the law.

While we celebrate what seems to be an apparent victory, we are outraged that one of Alaska’s own delegation was part of an effort to strip even no-brainer language from the legislation. Senator Murkowski joined two other Republican Senators to add an amendment to the Reconciliation Act that would protect Planned Parenthood funds.

Though this has come as no surprise to us (after all, Murkowski has pledged her allegiance to Planned Parenthood on multiple occasions), we are still her constituents and we still have an obligation to hold her accountable.

Senator Murkowski continues to show her true colors on the issues that matter most. Her support for Planned Parenthood is something that absolutely cannot be overlooked in the next election. Here’s hoping (and praying!) that a god-fearing person would rise up to take her place in the US Senate.

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