Understand Just How Badly You Got Sold out by the Ryan Spending Bill, and Why

By Dr. Joel McDurmon. Conservative outlets all over are blasting the Paul Ryan-led omnibus bill for a total sell-out of conservative voters. Breitbart calls it a betrayal of America. Rush Limbaugh concurred, using language even more vulgar.

Reading through their reasonings and rantings, one can gather just how badly we have been sold out. But you would not see the depth of it, actually. The depth of this depravity can be judged merely by analyzing the vote as it was taken in the House.

The record vote reveals that only three (count them—3) Republicans opposed the bill. That means that virtually the entire clan of so-called “Liberty caucus” conservatives supported the sell-out.

But it gets worse. 77 Democrats voted for this bill specifically because Paul Ryan went out of his way to court their vote (with late-night, secret deals reminiscent of the ObamaCare passing). Ryan not only sold out conservatives on Trillions in spending and new deficits, but virtually rubber-stamped Obama’s executive orders, his regionalism program to back-door annex suburbs by major urban centers (the Alinskyite-activists’ dream for years), funds Planned Parenthood, and funds a variety of other miscreant bureaucratic measures (including increased funding for activist bureaucracies in the Department of Education, as well as slipping in an internet spying amendment, among others. . .

What the numbers reveal is that Paul Ryan (or the Republican establishment in general) actively courted Democrat votes when they didn’t need them. Apparently, Ryan and company wanted so badly to present this bill as “bipartisan” that he caved seriously on a number of leftist issues just to woo a couple handfuls of Democrats. (Read more from “Understand Just How Badly You Got Sold out by the Ryan Spending Bill, and Why” HERE)


Paul Ryan Ends the Year with an Omni-Bust – Jail Break Is next

By Daniel Horowitz. It started in September with passage of the original bill to bust the budget caps and raise the debt ceiling for the remainder of the Obama presidency. Then it was the bill to reauthorize federally-mandated testing under No Child Left Behind for another five years. After that, it was the $65 billion highway bailout bill.

Moving on to immigration and our national emergency with the flood of migrants from the Middle East, Ryan promoted a phony bill on refugees. It did nothing to stop Obama’s refugee resettlement scheme and his violation of coordinating with states, as mandated by law. In doing so, Ryan blocked all amendments from conservatives to strengthen the bill, even though he promised an open process as Speaker. Finally, he promoted a visa bill related to Europe, which did absolutely nothing to address the core of the problem with the Visa Waiver Program, much less focus on the real problem – mass migration and refugees directly from the Middle East.

On Friday, Paul Ryan closed the loop by passing an Omnibus bill, which funds all of Obama’s priorities for the remainder of the year. Here’s a list of the top 11 Christmas presents Paul Ryan’s omnibus gave President Obama.

The only provision addressing immigration actually quadruples the number of low-skilled workers brought in under the H2-b program, ignoring the cries of Americans while doing the bidding of the K Street lobbyists. And once again, every single proposed amendment was blocked from consideration on the floor of the House.

Every one of the aforementioned bills passed with either unanimous or super-majority support from Nancy Pelosi’s Democrats. The Omnibus bill was no different. It passed with more Democrats than Republicans, garnering the support of all but 18 of Pelosi’s troops.

Nonetheless, it is still quite revealing that roughly 60% of Republicans supported a complete giveaway to Obama; a Christmas present that was jubilantly lauded by Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. It is evident that a majority of Republicans believe so strongly in the cult of Paul Ryan’s personality that, unlike with John Boehner, they are willing to follow him off the cliff into the political abyss.

So what does Paul Ryan have planned for next year? Did he “clear the decks” and capitulate this year so that he can be free to fight Obama’s fundamental transformation next year?

Not a chance.

Ryan told Meet the Press he plans to focus on common ground next year. And as Chuck Schumer already made clear, common ground means giving the Democrats what they want on the most critical issues of our time.

“I think what we will probably try to do is where we can get things done, where we can find common ground without compromising principles, get those things done. Make sure that government works.”

And guess which issue was first out of Ryan’s mouth? Criminal justice “reform”!

Thus, Ryan’s biggest priority for next year is the same as Obama’s biggest priority for the remainder of his presidency – to release as many violent criminals from prison as possible. Lost in the news cycle on Friday was news that Obama plans to commute the sentences of 95 additional drug felons. And as is always the case, a number of them are not merely drug felons but criminals convicted for armed robbery and firearms violations. You read that correctly: at a time when Obama plans to clamp down on law-abiding gun owners, he is releasing violent gun felons from prison. And yet, instead of stopping this dangerous policy, Ryan and the Republicans plan to codify it into law.

Don’t you just wish the Democrats had their version of Paul Ryan leading them in the House and Senate? (For more from the author of “Paul Ryan Ends the Year with an Omni-Bust – Jail Break Is next” please click HERE)

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