MURDERED IN COLD BLOOD? Was LaVoy Finicum Reacting to First Shot or Reaching for Gun?

The FBI, over a day after the shooting of LaVoy Finicum, finally released aerial footage – but no video from the ground – of what the agency says happened in Oregon (see the enhanced video below). Assuming that the video is legit, does it look like Finicum reached for a gun or was reacting to being shot? Why did the agent on the right run toward the vehicle as it plowed into the snow bank? What was the agent on the left dragging in the snow with his left arm after apparently shooting LaVoy Finicum? Please comment below.

See the enhanced video HERE.

Watch: The Last-Standing Oregon Militia Men Say They Are ‘Willing to Die’ If the FBI Won’t Give in to Their Demands

By Daily Mail Online Reporter. Four militiamen are still refusing to leave the Malheur National Wildlife Reserve where they have been locked in a 27-day stand-off with police, which has left one dead; 11 arrested and has brought widespread condemnation from the local community.

In a live video broadcast from the Oregon ranch this week, one of the last-standing members, said he believes the FBI is ‘going to kill them’, but refused to leave unless the authorities would meet their demands.

Another militiaman added he is ‘willing’ to die in a final bloody siege with the authorities if negotiations fail. Their comments come after the last leader of the occupation voluntarily handed himself in at a police checkpoint.

However, the group’s number is continuing to dwindle rapidly. The five remaining members quickly dropped to four on Thursday morning. (Read more from “The Last-Standing Oregon Militia Men Say They Are ‘Willing to Die’ If the FBI Won’t Give in to Their Demands” HERE)

Where Was the FBI During the Armed Standoff in Oregon? Out of Sight, but Listening and Watching

By Nigel Duara. As the armed occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon dragged on for most of January, local law enforcement was spread thin and federal agents were nowhere to be seen.

Behind the quiet facade, however, the FBI was running surveillance on the occupation and recording the activists’ public statements, mostly drawn from media reports and the activists’ use of social media, while FBI agents encouraged locals to report their experiences with the new strangers in town.

According to the allegations in an indictment and supporting affidavit, the FBI was collecting information that confirmed the occupiers were armed, angry and willing to die.

The court documents detail how a source told a Harney County sheriff’s officer that the protesters “had explosives, night vision goggles, and weapons and that if they didn’t get the fight they wanted out there they would bring the fight to town.” The documents show that authorities grew concerned as the occupiers used increasingly heated rhetoric when discussing their plans and the occupation. (Read more from “Where Was the FBI During the Armed Standoff in Oregon? Out of Sight, but Listening and Watching” HERE)

UPDATE: Over 24 hours after the incident in question, and after repeated demands by websites like Restoring Liberty, the FBI finally released a video of what allegedly happened during the LaVoy Finicum killing. However, neither audio nor video from the numerous officers on the ground was released. Here’s an enhanced video – from the FBI’s aerial recording – of the shooting:

As you watch the video, keep in mind that LaVoy Finicum wore his pistol on his right hip, as depicted here:

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