‘Young Ted Cruz’ Video Goes Viral

What were Ted Cruz’s aspirations in high school? Well, the presidential candidate told classmates they were for power and fortune, mixed with a little bit of world domination. The YouTube user who uploaded the viral video “Young Ted Cruz” tells Yahoo News that the clip was part of a senior class video from the Texas senator’s high school in Houston.

When asked what his aspirations were, young Mr. Cruz joked to camera, “Aspirations? Is that like sweat on my butt?” Cruz then joked that he was hoping to perhaps star in a teen film, like “Malibu Bikini Beach Shop.” The lighthearted response continued as Cruz deadpanned that his aspirations were to “take over the world, world domination, you know, rule everything. Rich, powerful, that sort of stuff” . . .

In the original video shared with Yahoo News, Cruz’s father is asked if it is crazy to think his son will rule the world one day: “I hope not,” he replies while chuckling. (Read more from “‘Young Ted Cruz’ Video Goes Viral” HERE)

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