Last Straw: Governor Brownback Endorses Rubio

Kansas Gov. Brownback endorsed Marco Rubio. No surprise here.

Just as Brownback lied to the citizens of Kansas to win his gubernatorial seat, saying he was opposed to the “unconstitutional and socialistic” Obama Care, before he entered an agreement with the feds to implement it, Rubio lied about supporting amnesty and wanting to expand immigration to win his federal Senate seat.

Rubio ran for the federal Senate on a platform of no amnesty of any kind or any magnitude for illegal immigrates. He beat up his opponent, Florida Gov. Charlie Crist (R), over Crist’s support for amnesty. (Lynn Jenkins did the same to Jim Ryan.) Rubio even said that Crist’s position ” …’an earned path to citizenship is basically code for amnesty…’ ” According to Rubio’s campaign rhetoric he did not support amnesty no how, no way. Heck, Rubio even supported English as the official language of the U.S.

Sadly, Rubio’s record as a state legislator foreshadowed his real immigration stance.

Nonetheless, Rubio had beguiled the “tea party” in Florida and he was their man. The “tea party” was more mad than informed and do doubt some suffered from the short term memory, partisanship and indifference to Liberty the charlatan politicians and billionaire elitists rely upon. (I have seen the same maladies in Kansas.)

As soon as Rubio arrived in Washington D.C. he staffed his office with a couple of the most pro-amnesty people in Washington (Cesar Conda) and joined up with the others in the “gang of eight” such as Lindsey Graham(R) and John McCain (R) and helped to pen “…the biggest mass immigration / amnesty bill anyone had ever seen….”

Rubio had “talking head” help from Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity (Two of the same “talking heads” now supporting a rewrite to our U.S. Constitution via an Article V amendments convention, which Rubio also supports.) As the Washington Post said: “Mr. Rubio’s main public role in the debate wasn’t about amendments or specifics; it was about selling the measure to a skeptical conservative electorate.”

To Rubio (as with Brownback) it was not what “We the People” wanted, the rule of law or what was good for America it was what was politically expedient for him and staying on the right side of the GOP Establishment and their billionaire masters. That was his real objective. “Billionaire donors and their pollsters declared that the GOP must pass an amnesty and mass immigration plan… ” and Rubio was going to give it to them.

It has been said that “a leopard cannot change its spots” and so it is with a skunk and its strip.

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