GOP Candidate Announces Suspension of His Campaign at CPAC

A day after skipping the Republican presidential debate, Dr. Ben Carson addressed the Conservative Political Action Conference on Friday with some news about his struggling campaign.

Confirming he is “leaving the campaign trail,” the retired neurosurgeon enjoyed an extended standing ovation of support from the CPAC audience.

“I will still continue to be heavily involved in trying to save our nation,” he promised, including work with “My Faith Votes, which is an organization that is going to try to help the faith community to recognize how important their vote is.”

Recalling the 2012 presidential election, Carson said 25 million evangelical Christians stayed at home . . .

Many Christians, he said, believe they do not need to concern themselves with politics because “God’s got it under control,” Carson explained.

In any case, he urged Americans not to look at each other as the enemy just because they may disagree, concluding that such infighting “makes it excessively easy for those who really are our enemies.” (Read more from “GOP Candidate Announces Suspension of His Campaign at CPAC” HERE)

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