Listen: Leaked Audio Reveals Sinister Plan to Take Nomination From Trump

New audio has emerged revealing Sen. Marco Rubio’s campaign manager pushing a “brokered convention” in order to take away any chance Donald Trump will be named the GOP nominee for president.

With the Trump train appearing to roll full-speed ahead, many Republicans — some in the establishment, others outside of it — are looking for a way to derail him. The specter of the “brokered convention” is on the lips of anti-Trumpers everywhere — especially those on Team Rubio.

Rubio has been running far back in third place for much of this primary season, but with their eyes still fixed on the nomination prize, some Rubio insiders are looking for a way to win — even if they’ve lost right up to the GOP convention in Cleveland in July.

Appearing before a room of big-dollar donors in New York City, Rubio campaign manager Terry Sullivan is heard regaling them on how Rubio can ultimately be the nominee through a brokered convention instead of at primary ballot boxes.

In the audio, released by Breitbart News, Sullivan is heard giving a full PowerPoint presentation on how to run the table at a brokered convention.

“That is – I know if you watch the cable shows, they’re pretty breathless right about now that this is it, nothing is stopping Donald Trump,” Sullivan is heard telling the donors. “He can’t be stopped. He has got more momentum, this is it. It is over.” (Read more from “Listen: Leaked Audio Reveals Sinister Plan to Take Nomination From Trump” HERE)

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