Congressman Says Washington Committee Seats Come at a Price

Every election cycle, U.S. Congressman Thomas Massie said he is “extorted” by the Republican Party to pay $300,000 for his committee assignments . . .

These “assessments,” essentially dues to the Republican party, are fundraised through political action committees and lobbyists as a price to pay for committee positions, Massie told a crowd of about 25 during a recent coffee and pizza forum in Flatwoods.

He told them, “I can’t go and do a fundraiser and raise $300,000 and stand up in front of people and tell them, ‘Well, you know what? It’s not really about the election. I need the money to buy a committee seat.’”

It’s not just that way with the Republican Party — Democrats are also expected to pay to be on certain committees, too, and the price tag steepens based on the power of both the committee and the seat. Powerful committee chairmanships can cost millions of dollars, Massie said.

Massie sits on three House committees: Oversight and Reform, Transportation and Infrastructure, and Science, Space and Technology. (Read more from “Congressman Says Washington Committee Seats Come at a Price” HERE)

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