Heralded Author Identifies Dark Force Behind the Left

Michael Walsh is not suggesting they sacrifice goats, but he is saying there is something decidedly satanic about leftists’ politics, and he cites classical literature and history as his proof.

The author, Disney screenwriter, occasional New York Post op-ed columnist, regular contributor to National Review and PJ Media, winner of the American Books Awards prize for fiction for his 2004 novel, “And All the Saints,” and former music critic for Time magazine was in Washington this week to give a talk at the Family Research Council.

His highly acclaimed new book, “The Devil’s Pleasure Palace,” has garnered rave reviews from such conservative luminaries as Victor Davis Hanson, William Kristol and Kathryn Jean Lopez.

The title of the book comes from an obscure opera of the same name by Schubert, in which a pleasure palace offering all earthly delights turns out to be a deadly illusion, something Walsh finds echoed when leftist thought has been put into practice . . .

In his book, Walsh said the left has erected “a modern Devil’s Pleasure Palace, a Potemkin village built on the promises of ‘social justice’ and equality for all … a world without without want or cold or fear or racism or sexism … a world that sounds very much like heaven,” but, instead, “this world has become hell.” (Read more from “Heralded Author Identifies Dark Force Behind the Left” HERE)

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