Louisiana Delegates Just Announced Something Ted Cruz Won’t Like

12986993103_b16d084374_bUnbound delegates in Louisiana are fuming over media reports that they have decided to back Ted Cruz over Donald Trump in the presidential GOP primary, calling them untrue.

Trump edged out Cruz in the Louisiana primary that was held March 5, though the margin was close enough that each candidate ended up taking 18 delegates.

But earlier this month, The Wall Street Journal and other media outlets reported that the five state party leaders who will attend the Republican convention, and the five delegates who were formerly pledged to Marco Rubio, were planning to throw their support to Cruz.

That would give Cruz a resounding delegates victory in the state despite losing to Trump by 4 points.

Trump promptly declared that he’d sue the state party and seek to have the delegates disqualified over what he described as a rigged process designed to block him from the nomination. (Read more from “Louisiana Delegates Just Announced Something Ted Cruz Won’t Like” HERE)

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