9 Powerful House Members Unite and Endorse Trump

Nine chairmen from the U.S. House of Representatives have endorsed Donald Trump for president.

The chairmen are Steve Chabot (Small Business), Michael Conaway (Agriculture), Jeb Hensarling (Financial Services), Candice Miller (House Administration), Jeff Miller (Veterans’ Affairs), Tom Price (Budget), Pete Sessions (Rules), Bill Shuster (Transportation and Infrastructure), and Lamar Smith (Science, Space and Technology).

Trump posted the news to his Facebook page.

In a statement the chairmen wrote, “We stand on the precipice of one of the most important elections of our lifetime,” highlighting the importance of the election.

Warning of the dangers of electing Hillary Clinton as president to continue President Obama’s progressive policies the representatives contend, “This great nation cannot endure eight more years of Democrat-control of the White House. It cannot afford to put Democrats in charge of Congress. It is paramount that we coalesce around the Republican nominee, Mr. Donald J. Trump, and maintain control of both the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate.”

Fearing more economic uncertainty, they added, “Any other outcome is a danger to economic growth,” adding electing a Democrat, “puts our national security in peril, enshrines ObamaCare as the law of the land, entraps Americans in a cycle of poverty and dependence, and undermines our constitutional republic.”

Just as Speaker of the House Paul Ryan stated earlier in the week, the representatives call on the Republican Party to unify. “There is a path to winning in November, and it comes through unity,” the statement said. “To solidify this partnership, we endorse Mr. Trump as the Republican nominee for President and call upon all Americans to support him.”

Trump responded to the endorsement by stating, “It is tremendous to be working with these leaders and their colleagues on winning solutions that will really move us forward. A strong House Republican Majority is imperative to fixing the problems facing America and making our country better and stronger than ever before.”

If the endorsement is any indicator of a movement of unity within the party, it appears establishment leaders are rallying around the presumptive Republican candidate. The chairmen join a long list of politicians who’ve recently vocalized their support for Trump, the desire to appoint a conservative to the Supreme Court and to undo many of the policies seen as executive overreach by Obama. (For more from the author of “9 Powerful House Members Unite and Endorse Trump” please click HERE)

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