How Liberal Is Hillary Clinton?

During the 2016 Republican primary season, the Conservative Review presidential profiles became a go-to place for conservatives looking to vet the Republican candidates. As the calendar turns towards the general election, CR has added a profile of the presumptive Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton.

Here’s a sample:

Clinton has been a partner, with her husband, in political life for close over forty years. Together they are one of the most powerful couples in American History. They have completed almost twelve years in the governor’s mansion in Arkansas, two terms as president, eight years in the Senate, and four as Secretary of State. They have successfully pushed the country leftward in their time in public life.

Clinton herself, is to the left of her former husband’s governing record. As she has gained power she has shed any veil of being a centrist. This is most evident in her stance on social issues. When it was the safe political play to be against gay marriage she was, now that the mainstream media has changed tune so has Clinton. In the past she said she was for making abortion “rare” she now espouses an abortion on demand position.

When given access to power, Clinton has often used it to benefit herself and her cronies and places herself above the law. When her husband became president she was central to the professional travel staff in the White House Travel office being replaced with her Arkansas associates. Her use of a private email server to exchange classified information is currently under investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

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CR has looked into Clinton’s positions on a wide range of issues, including the budget, spending, debt, civil liberties, education, energy and environment, foreign policy and defense, the free market, health care and entitlements, immigration, moral issues, the second amendment, and taxes, economy and trade.

As with our primary season coverage, CR will update the profiles of Clinton and Trump as the election season progresses. CR will also write a profile of the libertarian nominee for president when the Libertarian Party selects him or her at the end of May. (For more from the author of “How Liberal Is Hillary Clinton?” please click HERE)

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