Kansas City, Kansas, Police Captain Shot Dead

A police captain was shot and killed Tuesday while responding to a drive-by shooting in Kansas City, Kansas, prompting members of law enforcement to lament that another one of their own had died violently.

Capt. Robert Melton was pronounced dead at a hospital as a manhunt for shooters continued, Mayor Mark Holland said in a statement.

Tuesday’s fatal shooting comes just on the heels of three police officers being fatally shot in Baton Rouge, La., last Sunday, and five police officers in Dallas being shot fatally July 7.

“This is a very tense and volatile time in our community and our nation,” Holland said in a statement. “It is important that we not jump to conclusions or speculate about this situation. Our police and city officials will share information as it becomes available. As we wait for that information, let us focus our thoughts and prayers on Capt. Melton’s family, our police department, and on the community.”

The public initially became aware of the incident via social media. (Read more from “Kansas City, Kansas, Police Captain Shot Dead” HERE)

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