GOP Elite’s Ultimate Goal Is to Elect Democrats

To the GOP elite, tactics are bad only if they’re used to damage the Democrats.

Last fall Rand Paul R-Ky. (A, 92%) predicted the end of Ted Cruz’s political career blaming Cruz’s “personal relationships or lack of personal relationships” in the Senate. Cruz, Paul explained, has no way of getting anything done because of his tactics: calling out leadership for its dishonesty and in doing so, violating the unofficial rules of the Senate.

When Ted Cruz R-Texas (A, 97%) demanded the defunding of Planned Parenthood, senators like John Cornyn R-Texas (F, 44%) and Kelly Ayotte R-N.H. (F, 32%) lambasted his tactics for daring to use must-pass budget legislation to accomplish his goal. Cruz pleaded with Republican senators to stand together and fight for principles, but they weren’t interested. National Senatorial Republican Committee Chairman, Roger Wicker R-Miss. (F, 30%) criticized Cruz’s approach saying, “I just don’t know if this is the ditch we need to die in.” In the end, Republican opposition to Cruz’s efforts left the abortion giant — caught butchering and selling baby parts for profit — alone and even stronger.

Sen. Bob Corker R-Tenn. (F, 45%) spoke disparagingly of Cruz after the infamous Obamacare defunding filibuster, saying that Cruz’s tactics amounted to grandstanding and prematurely drawing attention to what the Senate was doing. Heaven forbid.

Like many fellow Republicans who vigorously tried to tamp down the tea party, Steve LaTourette (may he rest in peace) equated Cruz’s tactics to lobbing bombs, and he wished Cruz would leave the Republican Party.

Members of the media, academia, and others often repeat what GOP critics say about Cruz. For example, one commenter for the news outlet, McClatchyDC made a familiar, sweeping argument against Cruz. Mark Jones of Rice University said, “Many in the GOP establishment resent his grandstanding and tactics which they believe have negatively affected govern-ability in the United States and adversely affected the Republican Party’s image among swing voters.”

Okay, we get it. It’s the tactics they don’t like. They won’t stand for principle because of tactics: unseemly tactics, scary tactics, unheard of tactics.

On Fox News’ “Special Report with Bret Baier,” George Will said he has no intention of voting for Trump. Not only did Will publicly announce that he has left the Republican Party, but he also told the GOP to ensure Trump loses:

BRET BAIER: Hillary Clinton … seems to be going after disaffected Republicans in big ways, and is having some success according to the polls. Is it concerning for the Democratic Party on the progressive side, watching Hillary Clinton make those moves?

GEORGE WILL: Well they had to expect this, it’s a classic move that you move to the left in the primaries if you are a Democrat, and to the center to scoop up an enormous potential audience. Mitt Romney had 93 percent of Republicans voted for him, and Donald Trump has down around 60, maybe 70 at this point, that simply will not get him to the White House. I think they understand where her heart is, that she is probably more progressive instinctively than her husband was, and will understand this is tactics.

Will wants to reassure progressives who might be alarmed that Hillary is pursuing (and getting) Republican voters: Don’t be alarmed. It’s a tactic for Hillary to go after them, just as it’s a tactic that Republicans are willing to vote for her and raise money for her as well. After all, according to Will, we have to, “make sure Trump loses.” It’s an interesting list of people who feel similarly as Will.

Former GOP EPA chiefs are voting for Hillary, for they are obviously aligned with Obama’s coal-industry- crushing agenda and happy to help Hillary keep the boot on their (and our) necks.

Former Romney staffers are voting for Clinton.

GOP Congressman Richard Hanna R-N.Y. (F, 27%) is voting for Hillary. (Interestingly, he is the only Republican Planned Parenthood supports.)

Meg Whitman, who lost in the California gubernatorial race to the spectacularly bad Jerry Brown, is not only going to vote for Hillary, but she’s also going to fundraise on her behalf. Meg’s last job was to be part of Chris Christie’s finance team.

The Washington Post has compiled a list of nearly 50 beltway GOP who believe Hillary is vastly superior to Trump and plan to support and vote for her.

Just in case anyone was wondering who to blame if Trump loses, it’s these so-called Republicans who are coming out of the woodwork praising Hillary and shouting to the rooftops that they want to exercise their American privilege to vote for her.

These are the same cowards who made sure that there was minimal opposition to Obama for the past eight long years. They condemn tactics meant to expose and create backlash against Democrats while praising tactics that would elect the worst Democratic candidate who could become president. These cowards — and those like them — are what the current leadership of the Republican Party and columnists friendly to their worldview really want as model members, precisely because they are what the Democrats want.

They support Hillary because they won’t be hurt by it. But we, the American people, will. (For more from the author of “GOP Elite’s Ultimate Goal Is to Elect Democrats” please click HERE)

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