New Planned Parenthood Ad Attempts to Downplay Its Abortion Involvement

Planned Parenthood is trying to distract the public from the fact that it is the largest abortion provider in the United States with a slick new TV ad.

Adweek reports:

A new ad by the Seattle agency Wexley School of Girls for the org’s Great Northwest and Hawaiian Islands branch reminds viewers of those other services while playing on the assumption that anything involving the name Planned Parenthood will eventually turn into a heated all-or-nothing debate over birth control.

The 30-second video spot shows a group of people doing normal, everyday things like drinking coffee, painting, and clothes shopping. After rattling off typical reasons that people choose to get abortions such as career aspirations and the perceived inconvenience of pregnancy and childbirth, each one of the actors gives a different reason for going to Planned Parenthood, none of them to receive an abortion.

Planned Parenthood – :30 from Wexley School for Girls on Vimeo.

“A flu shot,” says one actor. “Controlling asthma,” says another.

“There are just a lot more reasons than you think,” claims a voiceover in the final frame.

“The ad will almost certainly not end the frequently contentious debates surrounding the Planned Parenthood organization,” reads the Adweek story. “But it does provide a somewhat restrained pushback against those who would reduce the organization to a single word.”

It’s clever marketing, but it’s also a huge red herring.

Yes, both women and men can get vaccinations at a Planned Parenthood, as well as other services that don’t involve terminating the life of a pre-born child, but that doesn’t make the abortion giant any less of an abortion giant.

Firstly, the organization’s own reports show that a vast majority of its revenue comes, in some degree, from abortions, with some estimates as high as 86 percent. When asked about this at a Congressional hearing last year, CEO Cecile Richards was unable to give a straight answer about the revenue percentage when pressed about it under oath.

Additionally, according to statistics from the Guttmacher Institute — which was founded by Planned Parenthood — the organization is responsible for nearly a third of abortions performed in the United States, at over 300,000 per year.

Finally, let’s not forget the Center for Medical Progress’ undercover videos from last summer which show Planned Parenthood employees and executives in multiple states engaging in what appears to be a fetal tissue trade.

Put simply, the fact that someone can obtain an asthma inhaler at a Planned Parenthood shouldn’t distract from the organization’s involvement in abortion at all.

Similarly, you may be able to cash a check, get a flu shot, or buy a pack of cigarettes and a lottery ticket at your local grocery store, but it is still a place where people primarily go to buy food.

The Department of Defense may provide meals and housing to active duty personnel, but only a fool would ever think that that the primary purpose of the United States military was anything other than national defense because of this.

Attempts like the video ad above are nothing new. Planned Parenthood has long tried to distract from the reality of its bloody business whether by attempting to normalize abortion by draping it the seemingly innocuous mantle of “reproductive health,” endlessly repeating the widely-debunked talking point that only ‘3 percent’ of its services are abortions, or even producing a “virtual reality experience” that maligns the work of pro-life sidewalk counselors.

None of these, however, change the facts about abortion, its current place in American public discourse, or the fact that Planned Parenthood performs a plurality of the procedures done in the United States.

Neither will 30 seconds of pretty people talking about flu shots. (For more from the author of “New Planned Parenthood Ad Attempts to Downplay Its Abortion Involvement” please click HERE)

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