Senate Candidate Joe Miller Agrees With Bill Clinton: Obamacare is ‘Crazy’

U.S. Senate candidate Joe Miller agreed on Wednesday with former President Bill Clinton’s assessment that Obamacare is “the craziest thing in the world” and called out Sen. Lisa Murkowski for merely seeking to “fix” the law.

The Hill reported on Tuesday that former President Clinton “steamrolled President Obama’s signature healthcare law” saying:

“You’ve got this crazy system where all the sudden 25 million more people have healthcare and then the people are out there busting it [at their jobs], sometimes 60 hours a week, [and] wind[ing] up with their premiums doubled and their coverage cut in half.”

“It’s the craziest thing in the world,” he added.

Miller stated, “Bill Clinton got it right. Obamacare is crazy. I have fought this legislation from its inception.”

“Following the law’s passage in the Senate in the spring of 2010–through the dubious means of budget reconciliation–I called out Sen. Murkowski for joining the Republican surrender caucus and giving up on repeal. Repealing Obamacare is the only answer,” said Miller.

Local NBC affiliate KTUU ran a story following the law’s passage in March 2010, reporting that Murkowski viewed the law as a “work in progress.”

The senator stated, “Repealing this is not the answer, in my opinion, because if you just repeal and you do nothing, we will not have addressed healthcare reform.”

During a town hall in Anchorage in August 2009, as the healthcare legislation was being considered in Congress, Murkowski said, “It’s not so much that a government run plan is in and of itself a bad thing . . . What we have to have is a government-run plan that actually works.”

Murkowski voted against the effort to defund Obamacare in 2013, and while she did vote to repeal the law in December 2015, she, along with Sen. Susan Collins of Maine, introduced an amendment seeking to remove language that defunded Planned Parenthood.

Murkowski recently reiterated the view that government has a significant role to play in healthcare in an op-ed in the Alaska Dispatch News in May: “Until the Affordable Care Act is truly affordable for Alaskans and actually increases access to care, I will not ease up on my efforts to fix this unworkable law.”

“The senator’s big government mindset is entirely wrong,” said Miller. “More government involvement in the healthcare market has done exactly what I predicted: drove costs up exponentially and decreased options for Alaskans.”

Miller concluded, “I will not go to Washington with plans of ‘fixing’ Obamacare. I will fight to fully repeal Obamacare.”

Joe Miller is a limited government Constitutionalist who believes government exists to protect our liberties, not to take them away. He supports free people, free markets, federalism, the Constitutional right to life, the 2nd Amendment, religious liberty, American sovereignty, and a strong national defense.