Republican Rep. Receives Death Threats for Tweeting About FBI’s Hillary Investigation

Democrat overreaction to the FBI’s reopening of the Hillary Clinton investigation has reached peak bizarre. Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah (C, 76%) has become a target of the Left all because of a tweet.

The House Committee on Government Oversight and Reform chairman is facing an ethics complaint and has even received death threats over a tweet he sent Friday. The congressman’s offense? Announcing he received new information from FBI Director James Comey concerning the investigation into Clinton and her private email server.

Apparently serious enough in nature, Rep. Chaffetz told Lisa Riley Roche of the Deseret News Monday night that he’s required increased security protection due to the death threats.

Roche reports that Chaffetz is not backing down, however:

“I thought I would put it out there. People have a right to know. It was newsworthy. It caught me by surprise,” the 3rd District congressman said, calling it “a totally accurate statement” to say the case has been reopened.

“It is absolutely correct. They are spending time, money and resources investigating,” he said, after the case was closed in July. “Nobody knows where it’s going to lead, but the reality is, it is reopened.”

Meanwhile, The Democratic Coalition Against Trump has filed an ethics complaint against the Utah congressman for what they described as “an ill-planned partisan attempt […] that compromised the integrity of the FBI when he irresponsibly tweeted.”

The grassroots organization has also filed a complaint against Comey with the Department of Justice, seeking an investigation into whether the FBI director’s letter to Congress violated the federal Hatch Act, which prohibits federal employees’ influencing of elections.

Chaffetz has dismissed the ethics complaint against him as “silly.”

Democrats can kick and scream all they like, but the fact of the matter is there would be no FBI investigation at all had their party’s presidential nominee not been a lying, corrupt crook.

This ill-placed rage against Congressman Chaffetz would be better directed at candidate Hillary Clinton for putting the Democrats in a position where support for Republican Donald Trump is surging just one week before the election.

But “accountability” and “objectivity” aren’t words in the Left’s dictionary, are they? (For more from the author of “Republican Rep. Receives Death Threats for Tweeting About FBI’s Hillary Investigation” please click HERE)

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