10 Absolutely Reprehensible Salon Pieces From 2016 That Will Make Your Blood Boil

You know Salon – the raging liberal online magazine that represents everything that is wrong with Leftist media. Salon is notorious for its sensational, controversial, and downright bizarre headlines. The outlet is best known for normalizing pedophilia, glorifying abortion, entertaining whiners, and most of all … hating on conservatives.

Though there are many (everyone has their favorite), here are 10 of the most atrocious Salon pieces of 2016.

1. “I’m not a monster”: A pedophile on attraction, love and a life of loneliness

A logical follow-up to the sympathetic 2012 piece, “Meet pedophiles who mean well.” We’d rather not.

2. TV’s 10 best abortion moments of 2016

This one earned the hearty approval of abortion giant Planned Parenthood:

#upsideof2016 People talking about abortion on prime time tv and helping reduce stigma. https://t.co/qKkcnPgt9w

— Planned Parenthood (@PPIAction) December 19, 2016

3. Born of slavery, the Electoral College could stand against racism in 2016 — and stop Donald Trump

Did the Electoral College take a stand against racism? If by “stand against racism” you mean “stand against flyover country,” then no, no they did not.

4. GOP’s next battle against gay rights: Proposed First Amendment Defense Act will use “religious freedom” to legalize discrimination

Translation: “Liberty-loving conservatives will use the ‘Constitution’ to inform legislation.”

5. Lena Dunham will destroy Donald Trump: Millennials are now the largest generation, and their power is enormous

How’s that millennial thing working for you, Dunham? Maybe that “enormous” power will serve you and your fellow snowflakes better in Canada.

6. Women divorce better than men: They’re happier, more confident and less likely to self-destruct

Women have progressed past feeling human emotions. Yay, feminism.

7. Hate crimes against Muslims have risen, even as hate crimes against everyone else have declined

Do you mean to tell us that hate crimes against police have declined as well? The Left has a pretty interesting understanding of “hate.” And reality.

8. MLK was a disruptor: How Black Lives Matter carries on Martin Luther King’s legacy of effective activism

That time Salon compared MLK to BLM and we lol’ed.

9. Hillary Clinton, don’t even think of dumping Huma Abedin

Clinton supporters reached a new low with the hagiography of Huma. The strange irony of supposedly pro-women, pro-tolerance liberals supporting an individual with ties to anti-women, pro-Sharia law organizations and values.

10. Hideous, disgusting racists: Let’s call Donald Trump and his supporters exactly what they are

Let’s call the Left exactly what they are: Hypocrites. Fear-mongers. And sore losers. Sticks and stones… (For more from the author of “10 Absolutely Reprehensible Salon Pieces From 2016 That Will Make Your Blood Boil” please click HERE)

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