Trying to Get Fit for the New Year? Meet the Man With Down Syndrome Who Will Inspire You

James Fitzgerald is an inspiration for others.

The 37-year-old from Utah is a Gold’s Gym fitness instructor for those with special needs — like himself. You see, James has Down syndrome.

“One thing I like about this class is it makes my heart work faster,” James told KSL. “I like to do weights and cardio and mix up the workout.”

James’ younger brother Evan described for KSL how James got into fitness, back when he weighed 200 pounds. “His health was compromised,” Evan said. “He’s a short dude, so a little bit of weight gain is a big deal.”

James assists Evan in teaching a class at Gold’s Gym. Those who take part in the class, including James’ “sweetheart” Lisa Wilson, love it.

“They’re all so happy, and they just love being able to come here and be able to improve,” Kyle Scoville of Gold’s Gym said. James has been an employee at the Ogden gym for eight years, working on the maintenance team. He is a stellar employee, having earned the Gold’s Gym’s Legacy Award, given to the “most inspirational employee” out of 700 Gold’s Gyms worldwide.

“A Gold’s Gym could have anywhere from 50 to 200 employees, so multiply that by 700, I mean, that’s huge. He inspires people,” Scoville said. People at the gym frequently come up to James and tell him how awesome he is.

“I think he loves that,” brother Evan said. “I think the Down syndrome thing, people expect less when really he can be as much as he wants to be.”

People certainly do, especially those in the abortion-on-demand crowd. On the 2016 campaign trail, Hillary Clinton stumped in opposition to an Indiana bill that sought to ban the abortion of children with fetal abnormalities (like Down syndrome).

According to a study reported by the Lozier Institute, abortions of prenatal children diagnosed with Down syndrome may have reduced the community by as much as 30 percent. Do these children deserve to die? Is the burden of caring for them too great? Is their quality of life so poor that it is a life not worth living?

That doesn’t seem so, for James Fitzgerald. (For more from the author of “Trying to Get Fit for the New Year? Meet the Man With Down Syndrome Who Will Inspire You” please click HERE)

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